Day 4: Bunny Cake!

Rachel, Day by Day

My mom and I made this bunny cake! Isn’t it awesome!? I’ll be sad to eat it, though, but at least I have the photo as a memory. We used a bunny shaped mold that made little cakes. I bet you didn’t know that when looking at it! My mom and I put the little cakes together and covered them with whipped white frosting. So, you are supposed to eat the pieces and not have to cut the cake! The whiskers and leg are made with licorice, the eye is a jelly bean, and the nose and ears have pink frosting. I’m not really an artsy person, but I think this turned out pretty well. I’m proud of this cake. It’s funfetti cake, too, so it’ll taste delicious. 🙂

In other news, I went to an Easter brunch today at Drury Lane with my family. There was a ton of food and I ate way too much! I think my favorite food, besides the chocolate petit fours of course, was the crab cakes. They were delicious! Now I’m tempted to find a recipe and make them. Yum. Drury Lane is a very fancy place! There were a ton of people there, too. I’m surprised I didn’t run into anybody or even spill food on anybody. There were giant chandeliers everywhere and many different fancy rooms with giant mirrors and gold trim on the walls. I noticed the French Ballroom, English Ballroom, and Grand Ballroom. I don’t think the room we sat in was named, though. That made me a little sad. Well, I hope your Easter was fun!


3 thoughts on “Day 4: Bunny Cake!

  1. That’s really cute! Now you need to post a picture of the mold because I want to know how many cake pieces it’s made of…

  2. Thanks! Hmmm well I can’t take a picture of the mold since I’m in Champaign now and it’s up north, but I did happen to find it on the internet! Here it is:

    It might be hard to tell, but it looks like there are 12 pieces. And it was yummy!

    • Oh, that’s really clever! Is it one of those…bendy (I can’t think of what they’re really called – it’s just what they’re made of and it’s really going to bother me now…)…molds?

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