Day 11: Hamrock Shake

Rachel, Day by Day

I’m hoping you can read the McDonald’s sign and it isn’t too small! I thought shamrock shakes were pretty good, but I”m not so sure about hamrock shakes. I’m imagining ham chunks crushed up in a blender with ice cream. Yuck! Anyway, I thought this was pretty funny. I love finding random signs outside that are completely incorrect, even by one letter! See how important it is to proofread? One whole letter can change the ingredients in a shake! Oh dear, I’m such an editor.


2 thoughts on “Day 11: Hamrock Shake

  1. Haha! I bet he was teased in elementary school. Poor guy! Then again, I had people ask me if they could put salsa on me all the time. Hmmm how could I tease you about your last name? 😉

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