Day 34: I’m Killing Trees

Rachel, Day by Day

For my job as an assistant editor, I go through a lot of paper. I actually have three sets of pages on my desk right now that I’m working on, plus a pile of art. It’s been a busy week, and will continue to be busy! I am taking Friday off to give my mom a Mother’s Day surprise, though. 🙂

Ok, I trailed off of my main topic a bit. The pile of yellow folders contains art that I need to eventually proof, but have been putting off since pages are more important right now. And, the due dates are a few weeks away. But, as I thought about this throughout the day, I’d see that photo of me and my friends (Brittany, Christina, and Melissa) and I thought about how much fun our road trip was last summer, and I wish we could do it again. That photo was taken in Las Vegas. It was such an awesome trip; I got to see a lot of places in a short amount of time! I miss my friends, too. I wish I could see them more often.

By the way, that picture frame actually fits 40 photos, so I change the picture every day. It’s something I look forward to when I get to work in the morning. My friend at work, Dena, has one and I liked looking at her pictures when we shared an office. Thank you, Dena, for giving me the idea to buy this picture frame!

Don’t forget to watch Glee tonight!


1 thought on “Day 34: I’m Killing Trees

  1. I like the picture you have in there! 🙂 I would TOTALLY be up to doing that trip again; it was sooo much fun. Maybe we can do a mini road trip this summer (somewhere not quite as long an undertaking so you wouldn’t have to take off too much work). It’d be fun if you have the days!

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