Day 47: Bombay Grill

Rachel, Day by Day

This is Bombay Grill on Green Street and I ate there for dinner tonight. It was delicious. I ate Mutter Paneer (peas and cheese in a curry sauce) and Samosa Chat (somosa with yogurt and chutney on top). I am full of Indian food! This is the inside of the restaurant. I carried the food out, but it is nice on the inside. As you can see, there’s a Mexican restaurant across the street. I’ve actually never been to that Mexican restaurant since there are so many different Mexican restaurants in town. I tend to stick with Qdoba, Fiesta Cafe, and Dos Reales. Anyway, I haven’t tried Indian food until recently, and let me tell you, I’ve been missing out. If you like somewhat spicy food and have an open mind, you should definitely try some Indian food. I tried saag paneer last time and it was delicious. Just go for it! By the way, I didn’t actually ask the random people eating Indian food if I could take a picture of them, so hopefully they don’t mind. 🙂

What a blah day. It’s been cloudy and rainy throughout the day. It makes me want to stay inside and be lazy. Which is what I’m doing right now. If tomorrow’s a nicer day, I’ll go outside then. Well, we made it through most of Monday! Good job, folks!


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