Day 49: Double Feature!

Rachel, Day by Day

I decided to make today’s post a… pause for dramatic effect… DOUBLE FEATURE! I figured since this is my photo blog, I can make the rules. And, if I want to post more than one picture sometimes, then I can do it! I did this for multiple reasons. Here are just two for you:

1) I liked both of these pictures and didn’t want to choose one over the other
2) My mom told me that my photos and/or photo blog are getting boring. Maybe this will spice things up a bit.

So, as you can see, the first photo is of some pretty flowers along the sidewalk on my street. I noticed them yesterday and I really like the dark pink color. I like the shape and small size of the flowers, too. I was tempted to pick some, but decided that might not be a good idea. I had an image in my head of a person in the house next to the flowers running toward me and screaming for taking their flowers.

As for the second photo, you know exactly what it is! A cute bunny. This bunny is not an ordinary one, though. I first noticed him (or her, but I’ll say him for now) maybe a half a block away. I stood on the sidewalk looking around, and then saw him hopping toward me at a slow pace. I decided to stand still and see what he planned on doing. He honestly kept hopping toward me like he was curious! He stopped a few feet away from me and looked up at me in a funny way, like he wanted to say, “Why are you just standing there and staring at me?” And, I got just so happened to take the photo of him while he looked up at me for a second. We both stood still for a minute or two, and then he lost interest and hopped away.

Ok, I realize that I have a lot of pictures of bunnies, and I’ve only been doing this for 49 days. Sometimes I can’t help it (they look so cute!), but I’ll try my best to take different photos. Maybe a bunny will show up again on my blog in 50 or 100 days.


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