Day 52: Despicable Me

Rachel, Day by Day

Liz and I went to the theater tonight and saw Letters to Juliet. I thought it was really cute! Definitely a chick flick and predictable, but it was really cute. The scenery in Italy was beautiful and it makes me want to go there ASAP. It was cute to see how the relationships grow in the two love stories going on in the movie. Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) wants to be a writer and writes the story of how Claire finds her love, Lorenzo, after 50 years of not seeing each other. It kind of makes me want to write stories again. Anyway, I liked the movie! As for this photo, this is for Despicable Me, a movie coming out soon and was inside the theater. I watched the trailers at Liz’s place, and it looks like a cartoon about an evil villain and these little yellow minions. I thought the little minions were cute! So, they are part of my photo blog now.

Liz and I went dress shopping today for different weddings we are going to in the near future. I was unsuccessful at finding a dress today, but I did buy some nice capris! I’m excited to wear them. I go through phases with shopping. I haven’t done it in a while, but now that I did it today, I want to go more! I guess it costs money, though. Darn.

Well, I feel better! I guess it was a one day illness. Strange. Have a good Saturday night!


6 thoughts on “Day 52: Despicable Me

  1. Christina and I went to see that movie yesterday, but we didn’t see the minons! I want one! It could have one or two eyes- I’m not even picky! Why didn’t you steal it for me?

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