Day 54: Refrigerator on Porch

Rachel, Day by Day

So, I was going for a walk after work today and I see this open refrigerator on someone’s porch. I’m guessing they are moving or getting a new refrigerator, but it was just a funny thing to see. Nobody was around and there was no other furniture or appliances around, either. Too bad there wasn’t food inside! Ewww, that would be gross. Anyway, it made me laugh out loud. Plus, it’s slanted like it’s about to fall over. That makes me laugh a little more.  It’s kind of a cool idea to have a refrigerator on your porch, though, especially if you want to throw parties. You just have to make sure random people don’t steal your food and drinks. Anyway, this was the most random thing I’ve seen all day.

My search for a new couch continued today. I’ve been to three stores. I’ve found some that I like, but I have not made a definite decision. I know you are anxiously awaiting my decision. But probably not.

It is so humid outside! What happened to spring weather? The heat just jumped up all of a sudden. I hope it cools down just a bit.


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