Day 70: Purple Flowers

Rachel, Day by Day

I don’t think I’ve noticed these before, but they are on the wooden fence next to the parking lot for my apartment complex. I thought they looked pretty and I haven’t seen many purple flowers around! I’m guessing they are from my neighbor since he likes landscaping. It turned into such a pretty day today, so a flower picture is appropriate. I could have taken a bunny picture, but I’ve been good about not using them in my blog lately! I don’t want to bore you with a bunny blog.

Well, it was back to work for me today after my trip to Utah. It was a bit hard going back and now I’m confused as to what day it is! I thought it was Monday the entire day, but I’m glad it’s not!

I think I’m going to run a lot of errands this weekend that I’ve been putting off, so maybe I’ll feel better once all of those are done. It looks like it’ll be a nice day on Saturday, so maybe that will be my outdoor day!

I just read that John Stamos is going to play Emma’s love interest (the dentist) on Glee next season. He does have very straight teeth, so it works out. And he used to randomly sing on Full House, so I wonder if they’ll have him sing some songs…

Well, the Blackhawks could win the Stanley Cup tonight!! Don’t forget to watch!!


3 thoughts on “Day 70: Purple Flowers

  1. Did you know John Stamos played with the Beach Boys for a while? Maybe as their drummer or something…I forget. But they were good friends, and that’s why the Beach Boys appeared on so many episodes of Full House.

  2. My mom just told me the same thing! I guess we have to have conflict and drama, but I was really hoping her dentist wouldn’t be around long enough to need casting. 😦

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