Day 73: Taste of Champaign

Rachel, Day by Day

What a day! I ran a lot of errands and was still able to catch Taste of Champaign for a bit. Too bad it was cloudy and humid, though. Here are some food tents that were set up next to each other. It was pretty busy for a gloomy day. I ended up eating a yummy hot dog with mustard. I can’t remember the last time I had a hot dog. Anyway, I didn’t like the fact that all you could buy were 6 tickets for $5. All I wanted was 4 tickets, but I guess you had to get 6 or tickets in increments of 6. Not fair! Oh well. The arts and crafts area was nice. There were some pretty earrings and nice pottery. I left right before it started raining, too. Good timing!

Well, I ended up buying a lot of things today! I bought a couch for my new apartment! Yay! I also bought some clothes (3 dresses and 3 tops). I think I’m done buying things for a little while, especially since I’ll be paying more rent soon. It’s been a productive day. Now I plan on having a nice relaxing night!


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