Day 85: Gang of Finger Monkeys

Rachel, Day by Day

So, as a gift one year to my boss, our department bought her finger monkeys. Yes, you put them on your fingers and play with them. Lauren, who no longer works at HK, gave me her collection before she left, so now I have a big collection! Sometimes I do look at them and smile. I haven’t actually put them on my fingers in a while, though. Nicole and I named the one all the way to the left Mean Rafiki. He reminds us of Rafiki from The Lion King, but he looks more angry. The ones with their arms raised high look like they are on a roller coaster. And the other ones… well… they are just awesome. How cool are these? You know you are jealous that you don’t have any. Well, if you really want one, I might be willing to give up one!

Guess what? It’s not raining today! I might have just jinxed it, though. If it starts raining right after I post this, I’m very sorry. My mom hasn’t had power since yesterday evening and there were bad storms up north. That would suck!  Poor Mommy.

You know what annoys me? Credit card companies. Mine called me today and told me about this ultimate card I could get, and of course I’d have to pay an annual fee. She didn’t even ask me if I wanted it. She asked me to verify my address so she could send it to me. I had to say, “Wait a minute…” I was finally able to but in and tell her I don’t want it, but how rude is that?!?! They should actually ask, “Would you be interested in this?” Instead, they ask, “Could you verify your address so I can send this to you and start charging you a billion dollars?” Lovely. Just lovely.

Well, it’s almost Friday everyone. You are almost there!!


2 thoughts on “Day 85: Gang of Finger Monkeys

  1. Dude, I totally read mean rafiki the first time as being the one all the way to the right. I was like, why would you name him mean rafiki? The one all the way to the left looks way more like… ohh. Haha, miss you!

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