Day 88: Eat

Rachel, Day by Day

You know what you should do right now? Eat! Well, according to this awesome sign. It’s next to a restaurant called Urbana Garden Family Restaurant. I just love how simple and to the point this sign is. It could get people to think, “Hmm, am I hungry right now? Maybe I really should eat!” It is right next to I-74 and is big enough for people to see. So, maybe this sign does actually work! I guess it does also let you know that there’s a restaurant right off the highway. It’s just funny to me that there’s no restaurant name with this sign. You could put the sign SLEEP next to a hotel or even the word BUY next to most stores! Unfortunately, this sign did not work for me. I did not eat at the Urbana Garden Family Restaurant.

It’s been a good lazy Sunday! Well, this morning I ran some errands and went to some stores, but now I’m in my air conditioned living room relaxing and watching TV. Who doesn’t love lazy Sundays? There was someone who was supposed to come by and possibly buy my recliner and couch, but she changed her mind at the last minute. These people that have been responding to my ad have been very rude so far. I have a feeling my ad isn’t going to work out now, but who knows.

Have a good Sunday evening and night!


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