Day 94: Taste of Chicago

Rachel, Day by Day

Wow, look at how many people were at the Taste of Chicago! I spent the day in Chicago and decided to brave the Taste of Chicago. It was packed! I was expecting a lot of people to be there, but I was still shocked. For this photo, I stuck my arms up as high as they could go and took the picture. This basically sums up the festival. Tons of people, tons of food, and cool music. I’ve lived near Chicago my entire life and have never been to the Taste. It was pretty cool to experience it, though! I do love to people watch, and you can definitely do that here. I bought my uncle some Garrett’s popcorn, too, so the Taste was good to me… and him!

Want to hear about my day in Chicago? Well, if you thought no, then you might want to go to a different Web site now. Because I’m going to talk about it anyway! I ate breakfast and then took the train downtown! I walked to the Shedd Aquarium and was ready and excited to see the fishies. But, guess what? There was a long line and the wait to get in was an hour. I was not in the mood to stand outside and wait that long, so I went to the Field Museum instead! It was really cool, though. You can definitely learn a lot of random things in this museum. I saw Sue (the largest preserved T-Rex ever discovered), which was pretty cool. Did you know that an octopus changes color according to its mood? I thought that was pretty awesome. Anyway, you should check out the Field Museum someday.

Then, I walked around the Taste of Chicago. It was definitely an experience. There’s lots of food to choose from, which is always good. I will say the beer was overpriced. Bud light was selling for nine tickets. And the deal was you paid $8 for 12 tickets. I mostly walked around and looked at all of the different tents and smelled the food. I saw a Man vs. Food tent and was hoping Adam would be there, but he wasn’t. Darn. I then went to Millennium Park and took pictures by the Bean. It’s actually called Cloud Gate, but I like to call it the Bean. I then got to meet up with Renee for a bit! It was great seeing her. I’m still amazed I was able to find each other in the crowds, so it must have been fate. 🙂

I then ate dinner at Lou Malnati’s. I ate outside in the shade and it was really nice out at that point. I ate deep dish pizza with sausage, mushrooms, and black olives. It was DELICIOUS!  If you have not been to this restaurant, YOU HAVE TO GO! It’s great! It was very busy though, so be prepared to wait. I was seated right away since I decided to eat outside. I think it was a great decision. I then went home after a great day and I got to spend time with my family at my grandpa’s house. A nice end to the day. 🙂

It was a fun day! You should spend a day in Chicago if you are reading this. Yes, you. Well, goodnight!


1 thought on “Day 94: Taste of Chicago

  1. There’s a Lou in Western Springs I think. You can’t eat there, but you can pick up pizza. My mom goes there sometimes, so you can too when you are up north. Glad it was fun!

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