Day 122: Celtic Cross

Rachel, Day by Day

For those of you who don’t know what this is, it is a celtic cross. I don’t know much about it myself, so I did some research. Saint Patrick introduced this to Ireland. Here’s a quote I found about this cross: “It has often been claimed that Patrick combined the symbol of Christianity with the sun cross, to give pagan followers an idea of the importance of the cross by linking it with the idea of the life-giving properties of the sun” (Walker, 1996). I guess some historians aren’t sure if this is true, though. Who knows!

Well, my uncle and the rest of my mom’s side is Irish, so this cross was placed on each corner of my uncle’s coffin at the wake and funeral. My family got to take them home, so my mom, two uncles, and grandpa each get to keep one. I think it’s a very pretty cross, so I took a picture of it.

Sorry, these past few blog entries haven’t been exciting or even happy. But, that’s how life is right now. I’m still in shock with what happened with my uncle and it will take some time to get through this. I wish I could stay with my family for months. But, being an adult with responsibilities now, that’s impossible. I hope my family knows how much I love them. I think my uncle did.

Walker, Stephen. (1996). Celtic cross history and symbolism. Walker Metalsmiths: Celtic Jewelry by Stephen Walker. Accessed August 1, 2010.


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