Day 147: Zach and Ice Cream

Rachel, Day by Day

Here’s Zach sitting in Cold Stone eating cake batter ice cream. I love the expression on his face. Serious, but silly! We went to Empire (Chinese place) for dinner and I had lo mein with pork, shrimp, and veggies. It was delicious! It was their lo mein house special. We then walked around campus and watched all of the nervous freshmen on the quad. I felt so old!! We went in the English building and apparently they are doing lots of construction on the inside. It looks different and made me a little sad. It does need a lot of work, but I guess I don’t like change sometimes. We then went to Cold Stone since I haven’t been there in years. I tried the cake batter ice cream, too. Guess what?? It REALLY tastes like cake batter! It was soooo good. I am so full right now, though. It was a fun time on campus!

By the way, I think I need to clear something up! Zach and I are not dating, and we’ve actually both been asked if we were dating in the past few days. We’ve been friends for about four years now and that’s it! Just friends! So, you can stop wondering now. :p

Over half way through the week!


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