Day 149: Mural

Rachel, Day by Day

Here’s a photo of a mural I saw in Chicago on Friday night at a park. It’s it cool? I wish I could paint like that. There are so many small, detailed, and colorful drawings… it’s awesome! I like looking at art like this, but I don’t think I’m very good at talking about art. I can just tell you that I like it and it’s cool and pretty. Or maybe I have a hard time interpreting art and trying to figure out its meaning. This art looks Egyptian, but I could be completely wrong about this. Don’t make fun of me!

Friday night was a lot of fun! I went to a delicious Mexican restaurant with Renee and Matt. Renee and I drank giant margaritas and I ate yummy quesadillas. We then went to Bluetopia for some Blues dancing! I missed the hour-long lesson, but I think I got the hang of it. Matt said I did! Anyway, I was really nervous at first and felt like I was at a high school dance again, but I quickly got over that. It was located in an old brick building, which was cool. And there was a bar! Anyway, I danced with a lot of different guys and it was fun meeting all of them! I felt the need to explain to them it was my first time blues dancing, and they all understood. It’s just really cool to see people so involved with dancing. I really want to dance more often! I think I smiled way too much while dancing, because I kept getting looks from guys like “Wow, she must really be having a good time!” They looked happy with themselves though for making me happy.

I think with dancing, you need to have some self-confidence. I definitely lacked that. I was too nervous about messing up a spin or a step that I couldn’t relax and go with the flow. Well, I guess I got a bit more comfortable after a while. I guess this means I really do need to dance more. It was awesome spending time with Renee and I’ll miss her for a whole year while she’s in France!! Who wants to visit her with me??


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