Day 156: Lake Michigan

Rachel, Day by Day

Hello, everyone! Sorry it’s been a little while. I’ve been on vacation in Michigan! Here’s a photo from Friday on the drive up to the UP.  Here is part of Lake Michigan for you! I think we were driving in or near Green Bay at this point and heading over a bridge. I thought it was a pretty view. Cloudy, but pretty. But, I do love the formation of the clouds; it looks cool.

Let’s see… it took me a little over 2 hours on Friday to drive to my mom’s place, and then we drove another 5-6 hours to the Escanaba/Harris, Michigan area. My grandpa, brother, mom, and me were all in the car. It was a pretty long drive! But, it was nice and scenic at certain points. We met my Uncle John at our destination and went out to dinner since we were starving. Then, we went to the hotel bar for some drinks! I never thought a Best Western would have a bar, but this one did! It was pretty nice and had a pool table. My brother and I did a lemon drop shot, too. I don’t remember if I’ve ever done one of those, but it was difficult! Then, we relaxed for the rest of the night. Already a fun vacation!


2 thoughts on “Day 156: Lake Michigan

  1. Yes, you’ve done a lemon drop before. That guy you used to like in middle school and his friends sent one over somewhere in the midst of threatening what are now my children… 🙂 Good times…

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