Day 168: Wallpaper

Rachel, Day by Day

This is the wallpaper in my grandpa’s kitchen. I always loved this wallpaper while I was growing up, and I still do. How could fruit on the wall not make you happy? Apples, pears, and grapes are delicious. The flowers are a nice touch, too! I think I always loved this wallpaper because it reminds me of the Willy Wonka movie with Gene Wilder. There’s a section in the chocolate factory that has fruity wallpaper like this, and when you lick a certain fruit, it tastes like it. That’s when we hear about snozberries, and I’m still not sure if they are real. I’m guessing no, but I could be wrong. I think I scratched the wallpaper with my fingernail when I was younger in hopes that it was at least scratch and sniff wallpaper. Sadly, it isn’t. But I still love this wallpaper.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this on my blog yet, but I created a new CD recently! I sing 18 songs; they are mostly slow songs since I think I do a better job at those. I call it Belovely Bonkers (it makes me giggle). I like singing and making CDs, but for some reason I really don’t like telling people about them, except for my family. I’m still embarrassed I guess.

Well, have a good night.


3 thoughts on “Day 168: Wallpaper

  1. Lol, I was thinking as I read about the fruit on the wall, “Like Willy Wonka!” And then I read your next sentence about it reminding you of Willy Wonka. Awesome. 😛

  2. I was watching Willie Wonka and the Chocolate factory one time on AMC. They were doing the DVDTV thing where they play the movie twice in a row, and the second time they have information at the bottom about the movie. Well, apparently snozzberries had something to do with…the…well…penis. There, I said. And now you know. I don’t really think you’d want to eat one, but what do I know. 😉

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