Day 182: Water Fountain

Rachel, Day by Day

Here’s a water fountain I happened to find in town today. I guess I never really noticed until recently, but I like water fountains! They are pretty and have a calming presence. There’s something pretty and fascinating about water flying in the air. I haven’t thrown a coin in a fountain in a long time… I used to love doing that! I used to take the wishes seriously, too. So, the moral of the story is that I like water fountains.

Glee was pretty good last night! I like that the episode was more focused on Brittany S. Pears (you’ll understand if you watch it). Brittany Spears made a few appearances, but not too many. I was ok with that. I like that she showed up in hallucinations and not in reality. That would have not been believable. But, there’s a lot that happens on the show that wouldn’t happen in reality! Finn was very sweet to Rachel, which definitely made me smile. I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to next week… no. I’m not.

Modern Family is on tonight! I swear, I do other things besides watching TV.


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