Day 191: Pumpkin

Rachel, Day by Day

Here’s a Halloween decoration for you! That’s another reason why you should be excited about autumn (by the way, I think autumn sounds cooler than fall). Halloween!! I can’t remember the last time I carved a pumpkin, maybe in high school with Renee. I miss that! Anyway, this is a stuffed animal pumpkin. It is not only a great decoration, but is soft and cuddly, too. It would be a nice pillow if you wanted it to be. I need to buy some autumn and Halloween decorations; sadly this is not mine. This is my mom’s, but maybe I’ll take it from her when she doesn’t notice. Just kidding!

My guitar lesson went well today. I do feel like I’m slowly getting better, but I’m definitely not great. That takes A LOT of time, though. Probably years.

I’m hanging out with my family this weekend! My mom and I ate Chinese food and watched Phantom of the Opera tonight. Now, we are watching The Hangover and my brother has joined us. Fun movie night!


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