Day 199: The El

Rachel, Day by Day

Here is a photo of The El in Chicago! For those of you who don’t know about this, this is one of the transit systems in Chicago. It is pretty cheap (I paid $4.50 round trip). That’s probably less than a taxi or the Metra. Anyway, I’ve always loved The El system; it’s very convenient. It’s fun to people watch, too. You can see some crazy people on this train!

Ray had a birthday party in Chicago on Saturday (sorry, I’m a day behind), so Scott and I drove up for it! It was a combined birthday party with his friend Kenzi. We had a good time! We hung out at Kenzi’s apartment most of the time and it’s a really nice apartment. It’s on the top floor and has a great view of Chicago. We ate some good food, drank some beers, and hung out. I did play some beer pong, which I haven’t played in a long time. I didn’t play too well, but I’m not upset about it. We then went to a Chicago bar for a bit (called Kirkwood I think?) and that was a nice bar. I’m pretty sure Ray had a good time until he fell asleep, and that’s all I’ll say about that. 😉

Scott, Ray, and I took The El instead of driving to Chicago, as you can see. I’ve never taken the El so late (it was around 2 a.m.), but it’s wasn’t so creepy. A bunch of girls started singing some weird rap song that made everyone laugh. It was a bit strange. I had a good night, though!


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