Day 201: Bunny Fruit Snacks

Rachel, Day by Day

If you know me well, you know exactly why I bought these! They are bunny fruit snacks! How awesome is that?! I really do like how they taste, too. There are different berry flavors and they are delicious. I don’t usually buy organic things, but I can’t pass these up. I can only find them at Target, too. The problem is, because they are organic, they are more expensive and there are only 5 little pouches in the box. I could eat a box a day if I wanted to. But, I won’t. The box is pretty, too. If you like fruit snacks and can spend a little extra money, you should get these.

Monday is almost over! It’s very cold today; I’m not sure if I’m ready for the cold. Brrr. I’m playing tennis tonight, which will be fun. Hopefully it’s not cold enough where tennis isn’t fun… but I can’t imagine that!


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