Day 206: Beauty and the Beast

Rachel, Day by Day

My cousin Sydney was in Beauty and the Beast, the musical, tonight! She is the girl in the skirt sitting on the ground on the right side (almost in the middle of the photo). In this part of the play, they were singing Be Our Guest and Sydney is one of the napkins. She did a great job!! She danced really well during this song; this was probably my favorite song in the play. She also played a villager in the town. She has such great facial expressions and is an amazing actress! I hope she continues to be in plays and musicals. There are a few spoons to her right side. You can see Belle, Mrs. Potts, Chip, and Lumiere. Anyway, I like this photo because Sydney looks really happy! Good job and love you, Syd!

I had a good day! I went shopping with my mom and got to see my grandpa for a little while. It was nice being able to hang out with Syd and everyone after the play, too. She was pretty tired; it must have been a long weekend of shows. Again, she was great!

Well, it’s late! And I”m tired! Goodnight, everyone.


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