Day 208: Red Leaves

Rachel, Day by Day

This is my favorite kind of tree in autumn, the ones with red leaves! There’s something about these red leaves that make me smile. Maybe because they are so pretty and colorful, especially when there are still a few green leaves left. I like the fact that the leaves aren’t completely red; they are more of a maroon color. Today is the perfect day, too! Well, besides the cloudiness. The weather is really nice and in the 70s. Yay! Sorry about the many photos of trees and flowers. It’s hard to not take pictures of them in the fall!

Is anyone else tired of the political commercials… seriously?? They are so aggravating and annoying! They make me not want to vote. Actually, I still haven’t decided if I’m voting yet. I don’t have strong feelings toward anybody. But, I’d feel bad not voting. I guess I have a week and a day to decide.

I’m playing tennis tonight! It’ll be a nice night for it, besides the wind. Tomorrow is supposed to be really windy, too. Gotta love Illinois weather.


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