Day 211: Pepsi Spider

Rachel, Day by Day

This Pepsi spider is AWESOME! It’s hard to tell what it is when you are right next to it, but I definitely saw the spider from far away. I wonder how long it takes to make something like this! Probably a while. But, I love it!! This is at Schnucks, the grocery store in town. I had a feeling there would be Halloween decorations up, but I wasn’t expecting this! They did make Mario out of pop cases one time, too (it’s in my blog somewhere). Anyway, I think this is really cool.

I was thinking the other day about those Ugg boots. I bet I know how they got their name. I imagine a bunch of people in a conference room trying to come up with a name. Someone says “Ugg” out of frustration, which I do sometimes. Then, everyone smiles at the idea of calling them that. Until I hear otherwise, that will be the story of how Ugg boots got their name.


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