Day 217: Illini Snuggie

Rachel, Day by Day

So, this is an Illini Snuggie I saw in the air at CVS Pharmacy. To be honest, I was scared for a split second when I saw this; it looked a person hanging in the air. That was only for a split second. Anyway, I guess they have college-styled snuggies now! I am not a big fan of these things. Just use a blanket! Does anyone have one of these? Do you own one or know someone who owns one? It’s confusing to me. I didn’t realize it opened up. Does it open up in the back? If it opens up in the front, then it’s just a robe! But they never mention anything about this in the commercial… seriously, just wear a robe and/or use a blanket. People have been using blankets since the dawn of time (a slight exaggeration), and they work perfectly! They warm you up when you are cold! Plus, they do the macarena in the commercial. That was popular in the 1990s. So, in conclusion, I prefer a blanket over a snuggie.

Has anyone ever had a McRib sandwich? Is that what they are called? I don’t think I’ve eaten one before… are they really that good? I do like ribs, but I can’t imagine this sandwich being as awesome as ribs from a normal restaurant. Who knows.

Well, dinner with Zach tonight! Yay!


2 thoughts on “Day 217: Illini Snuggie

  1. Yep, I’m pretty sure they’re open in the back, so all they are is a backwards robe. I think Heather has one (I think she and her parents all bought each other ones for Christmas or something – kind of a Snuggie version of The Gift of the Magi…), but I’ve never seen her wear it!

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