Day 227: Assembly Hall

Rachel, Day by Day

On Saturday, I went to the U of I vs. SIU basketball game with my uncle John, Ray, Scott, and Scott’s parents! It was a lot of fun. U of I won, of course! Here’s a photo of the inside of Assembly Hall. We did have pretty high seats, but you can see the court from anywhere in there. I love how it turns into a sea of orange!!  The first half of the game was pretty exciting, but then U of I scored a lot more points in the second half. Illinois looked pretty good actually! I missed the Dee for Three days, though (I mean Dee Brown). Good times.

Earlier in the day, we all hung around my apartment and then went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. I had BBQ chicken and it was really good! It was very crowded; I’m guessing it was because of Dads Weekend on campus, the volleyball game, the football game, and the basketball game. There was a lot going on this weekend! It was fun hanging out with everyone all day, though! I miss my family.


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