Day 235: Beer Bottles

Rachel, Day by Day

Here are some remains from the party last night! I did buy a lot of Rolling Rock and I’m glad people seemed to like it. I didn’t prepare for where people should put empty beer bottles, so I just told people to stack them on my microwave. I do like the color green a bit, so this does look cool! Just by looking at this photo, I’m guessing people had a good time! I’m glad my apartment complex now has recycling bins outside, too. Fun times!

Well, I do have some sad news. Right after I took this photo, the screen on my camera went a little crazy. There are now purple streaks that won’t go away. Luckily I have a warranty at Best Buy, so I plan on taking it there today. Don’t worry, I will still take pictures while my camera is being fixed, but I will have to use my phone. And the quality isn’t as great. I will not give up, though!!


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