Day 237: Water Fountain

Rachel, Day by Day

Here is an indoor mini water fountain thing for you! Is there a more technical term? Well, I can’t think of it right now. It’s a bit hard to see the water falling in this photo (this camera on my phone kind of sucks). Scott and I went to a Chinese buffet and this water fountain/sculpture thing is inside the front door. It is a somewhat interesting sculpture… it just looks like a giant rock. I wonder where you buy something like this. I don’t think it’s very pretty, but maybe that’s not what they were going for. It does look like there’s a lot of change in there! Maybe it’s nice to have that extra money.

The Chinese buffet was really good! I definitely ate too much. But, that’s what you are supposed to do at a buffet, right? For some reason, once I saw the chocolate pudding at the dessert bar, I really wanted it! So, I ate it. And it was good. Their sesame chicken and general tso’s chicken was yummy!

Did anyone watch Glee last night? I’m so sad that Kurt is transferring to a different school! I think he’ll end up coming back at some point, though. I wish Finn would just tell Rachel that he slept with Santana. That will definitely come up again and it will probably mess things up with Finn and Rachel. I think they should have sung some more songs this episode, too! It seems like they didn’t sing much, and I mainly watch the show because they sing! Oh well.


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