Day 240: Christmas Lights

Rachel, Day by Day

I hope the people who live at this house don’t get mad at me! This house is a few blocks from where my mom lives. They put a TON of decorations on their lawn, even for other holidays like Halloween. There are even more decorations on the side of the house that are not pictured. To be honest, I don’t like the houses that do this. It’s like they are asking for attention in a strange way. It looks way too cluttered, too. I guess I’m a big fan of simple, nice decorations. They even have those decorations that blow up at night, but I can’t stand those. They look horrible during the day when they are deflated! I will hopefully never buy any of those when I get a house someday. Please slap me in the face if I do. Anyway, sorry if you like this kind of decorating, but I don’t. It’s too much for me!

It was a good day today! I did end up doing some Black Friday shopping with my mom and uncle. We did not get up at a crazy, early time, though. I had a dentist appointment in the morning and it went well. My teeth feel clean! Later, my mom, uncle, and I went to K-mart; the mall; Dicks; and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I guess I bought a few boring things: a birthday card and wall hangers. Nothing too exciting! Oh well. I’m ok with that. I got to eat some Thanksgiving leftovers today, too. Yum!


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