Day 247: Bowling Balls

Rachel, Day by Day

Here are a bunch of bowling  balls for you! Friday night, I went on a double date with Scott, Anne, and Heather. It was a fun time! We went to Crane Alley for dinner, and of course, the food was delicious. I ate a black bean burger and it had avocado in the burger… yum! We did have to wait a bit, which I’ve never had to do there. I guess I’m used to going there are 5 for happy hours, and we went at 7 since that’s a normal date/dinner time. It was a good time! I had a pomegranate lemon drop martini, too. We talked a lot about places we want to travel to… it really makes me want to go on LOTS of vacations!! Fun times. Anyway, you are probably wondering about this photo since I haven’t mentioned anything about bowling yet. Guess what? After dinner, we went bowling! I like the many different colors of bowling balls there are. Of course, I used a pink one. We play two games, and my goal was to have a score over 100, and I did it in both games! Woo hoo! The bowling alley wasn’t very crowded, so we got an alley right away. I tried throwing the ball backward and under my legs, but it didn’t work so well. It went to the gutter. Sadness. But, the moral of the story is that it was a great double date. I hope we do it again soon!

It snowed a lot on Friday night! I was very nervous driving from Crane Alley to the bowling alley. I think I went 5 mph. Lots of cars were passing me, but I did slide a couple of times. I don’t care; we made it there! I can’t believe it’s snowing already!


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