Day 249: Icy Sidewalk

Rachel, Day by Day

Well, I guess since we got a lot of snow, ice had to come with it. Here is a very icy sidewalk. Fortunately, I did not slip and fall on it. I’m not sure how a sidewalk can get this icy! It’s dangerous! I guess it does look cool, though. I don’t mind ice so much when it’s on the sidewalk; I can walk carefully. It just scares me when it’s on the roads! Not cool. At least it hasn’t been on the roads yet. It still is only December 5, though. There’s still lots more snow and ice to come! Anyway, ice is deceiving. It looks pretty and awesome, but it can hurt you sometimes!!! Watch out!!

Weekends go by too fast! Maybe we should start getting Fridays off, too. I wouldn’t mind working extra on the other days. Who’s with me???

20 days until Christmas everyone! Get ready!!!


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