Day 262: Petunia

Rachel, Day by Day

This is Petunia, a female gray, Dwarf mix bunny! She is only 2 months old… isn’t she ADORABLE?! I love her so much!!! Scott and I played with her on Saturday and I love how she posed for this photo. This is at the Humane Society, by the way. It’s like she knows how cute she is!! She was very friendly. We first wanted to play with another rabbit named Cooper, but he was really afraid of us. He wouldn’t even move. But, Petunia really seemed like us! Yes, ladies and gentlemen. I have fallen in love with a female rabbit. I did get a little sick while playing with her, but it could be because there are animals everywhere there. Anyway, she is beautiful. And I want to keep her. Sadly, I did not adopt her. I’m still a little afraid since I’ve never had a pet before. Plus, they are a lot of money. But, I love her!! Does anyone want to buy her for me and pay for food, shelter, medicine, etc? Pretty please?

I had a good day on Saturday! Scott and I had an early Christmas. He gave me a Glee shirt, the Juno DVD, and a poster of Andy and quotes from The Office. I love these gifts! I wore my Glee shirt most of the day. We then made it to Black Dog for lunch and it was yummy. I had a barbecued pulled pork sandwich. I think I could have BBQ every day of my life. Ok, not really. But, it was really good! Apparently the time to go is around 2 p.m. That place is always crowded, but wasn’t really at that time.

We then went to Brendan and Anne’s Christmas party! It was a lot of fun. They made good food (pizza, curry and vegetables, lots of desserts) and there was a white elephant gift exchange! Scott brought checkers and I brought a Nerf gun. They were popular gifts and were stolen a couple of times. I actually got a good gift, a book of the best written short stories. Scott’s present is awesome; he got rice nog and many little, plastic toys. It was a great time and a wonderful day!


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