Day 272: Icicles

Rachel, Day by Day

Day 272: Icicles

Wow, it’s been really cold lately! Here are some icicles to prove it. These actually do scare me a bit, especially when it’s a little warmer and they start to melt. Icicles can really hurt you! They look so pretty, though. That long one on the left side is really long! Ice can look so nice and make everything look nicer in the winter, but there’s so much of it right now! It’s scary walking on the sidewalks and driveways. I’m slightly afraid of falling and hitting my head. That wound not be good. Anyway, the moral of the story is that icicles are pretty, but dangerous. Do not stand underneath them for a long period of time.

I had a good day and night! I worked from home again today and got to see Renee for lunch at Portillos. Yum! She’s in town from France for a little while, so it was great catching up. Sadly she’ll go back and I won’t see her again for a while. I miss you!

I had another late Christmas tonight with family friends (my mom’s best friend since high school and her family)! We have done this every year for as long as I can remember. It’s always nice seeing them; we’ve gone on nice cruises together in the past. I miss those days. Anyway, we talked, ate dinner, opened more Christmas presents, etc. I got to see Annabella, the new 6-month old baby in their family. She is so cute! She wasn’t fussy at all and is such a good baby! I had a great time. It’s been great spending time with family and friends lately!


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