Day 276: Encore

Rachel, Day by Day

My family and I played this game today! It’s called Encore, the deluxe version. Hmmm, how do I describe this game? If you love singing and know a lot about songs, then this is your game. You get a word or category and you have to think of songs that have that word in it, or think of songs in that specific category. For example, one of the words was happy. I thought of the song Happy Is a Yuppie Word by Switchfoot, so I sang it. You have to know at least six words from the song. It was a lot of fun since I like music! I don’t know if they sell this version anymore, but I found the 2008 version on Amazon. You should get it!

Well, it’s the first day of the new year. It’s been good so far! I might go on a cereal diet next week, though. I’ve been eating too much!

Well, have a good night!


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