Day 280: 2011 Calendars

Rachel, Day by Day

I received my 2011 calendars in the mail today! Both of these will be going to work with me tomorrow. I already have a few calendars up at my apartment, but I needed a few for work. I like day-to-day calendars since they give you something to look forward to every morning! And what could get any better than reading an Office quote every single day for a year?? I’m so excited!! I will most likely be laughing out loud every morning from now on. Also, I had to get a Rabbits calendar to satisfy my obsession. A friend bought one for me last year and I loved flipping the page to see another cute bunny every month! I wonder if there’s a day-to-day rabbit calendar… I’ll have to look into that. Yay calendars!

I really want to buy Zumba Fitness for the Wii, but I’m wondering how much I’ll use it. I usually get boring with repetitive workouts, so I wonder how many different routines there are in this exercise game. I’ll have to look that up before buying it. I used to take Zumba classes with my mom and her friend; they were awesome! You are dancing and working out at the same time. It’s great!

We are over half way through the week, everyone! Hang in there. It’ll be hard working a full week after getting some time off for the holidays. Who’s ready for another vacation? Me!


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