Day 288: Message Error

Rachel, Day by Day

Hehehe, this makes me laugh. It took me a lot of effort to get this photo. This is an electronic billboard that switches advertisements maybe every 20 seconds (or less). Apparently whatever this ad was did not work. Or is this up there as a joke? I can’t tell. I was driving the opposite way when I saw this one pop up, so I turned around and parked in a random parking lot nearby. I’m not sure what kind of business it was, but two men walked out of the building to their car and gave me a strange look. They probably thought I was lost or just plain confused. Luckily they didn’t ask what I was doing there. I’d have to give a long speech about my photo blog. Anyway, if this is really an error message, it was probably too big or something. But by the way it is worded, it makes the ad sound so awesome that they couldn’t put it up. I see that you can only click on Ok, but what would happen if you could click on Thanks? Wouldn’t that be the same thing as Ok? I’m not exactly sure what Cancel would do, either. Who knows.

I just practiced the song Soul Sister by Train on my guitar; it sounded pretty good! Of course, I’m a bit slow, but it actually sounded like the song! Fun times.

So, I’m trying to decide what to do with my blog once the photo blog is done. I could go back to just randomly writing about things without a photo. I did think about doing a dream blog. I must say, I do dream a lot and most of the time they are pretty crazy. It could be interesting. Do you have any ideas? Leave a comment!


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