Day 289: Horse

Rachel, Day by Day

Hello! Scott and I saw this horse on Friday night. Well, just in case you didn’t know, it’s not real.  We went to a restaurant called Swingers. It was delicious! I ate crab stuffed shrimp. Mmmm. It’s called Swingers since there’s a driving range there. And, I’m guessing this horse is in the front because there’s off-track betting. Anyway, this horse is really cute even though it’s fake. This might sound weird, but I get a little sad when I think about horses. I think they are so cute, but I can’t ride them. Last time I did, I had an allergic reaction. It wasn’t good. I guess I’ll never be able to ride one without getting sick. Sad! This restaurant was really nice! There was even a live band, too. I love live bands; it’s like the band is playing especially for you. I had a straw-tini (a strawberry martini). It tasted really good! I recommend this restaurant, especially the crab stuffed shrimp.

After dinner, we went to a bar called Entourage. It was nice! One of Scott’s friends works there, too, and we did a shot with her. It had root beer schnapps, coke, and rum. It was really good! Scott and I played some darts (cricket twice and 301 once). They were all really close games, but I ended up beating him. Yay! I apparently stink at getting bullseyes, though. It took me forever to get one. Fun times!

It was a very fun Friday night. 🙂


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