Day 308: More Snow

Rachel, Day by Day

Well, in case you didn’t know, all of Illinois got snow last night and today. I think the only words uttered on the news these past few days were snow, ice, blizzard, storm, and other words related to these. I think conditions were worse up north, but here are a few photos I took of snow today. I think we got more freezing rain than snow, because it was really difficult cleaning my car today. This first photo is of the steps to my apartment complex. Yes, it was difficult to walk on them. The second photo is a very helpful snow plow. Those machines move fast and they can pick up a lot of snow. Everyone needs one of these! Those are my feet in the third photo. Yes, that is what I wore today. Green pajama pants and warm, pink socks. I wore an orange hoodie today, too, and I even dared to step outside in my crazy outfit. Good times.

Most businesses were closed today, but I was able to work from home. I sometimes feel like I get more work done when I’m at home. There are fewer distractions when I stay in my bedroom and sit at my desk. I did leave my apartment once today, and that was to make sure my car was still there and working. It took me a while to scrape the snow and ice off of it, and I had to shovel some snow behind the car. My car had a really hard time getting out of the parking spot, but I eventually got it. I’m all ready to travel! Things will probably be back to normal tomorrow. It would be nice if we didn’t get any more snow this winter.

Well, not much else is new besides snow. Snow, snow, snow. Hopefully it’s done, done, done.


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