Day 309: The Great Wall of Snow

Rachel, Day by Day

Guess what? It’s another snow picture for you today. I stopped at the grocery store after work today and saw this giant wall of snow. It expands to each end of the parking lot, and I must say that this parking lot is huge. I sort of wanted to climb it, but I didn’t have time. I probably would have fallen a lot anyway. The snow is still rock hard, but I actually think it’s a bit awesome. It was fun walking to my apartment today; I felt light and didn’t sink into the snow. It does suck when trying to get into a parking spot. Since it’s hard to shovel, the parking spots at my complex are full of snow. My car had a little trouble. Poor baby. My car is probably mad at me since I don’t have a garage. I’ll get one someday, though!

Well, I think today might be my last photo of snow for a while. I’m getting a little tired and bored of snow pictures. If I am, that must mean you are, too! I’m ready to take pictures of spring things, like flowers and leaves on the trees. That won’t be for a while, though.

If you could teleport, where would you go first? I think I’d visit my mom and brother first. And it would be great because I could visit them more often. I’d also visit Scott, my grandpa, friends, and out-of-state family and friends. I’d have a lot of visiting to do! Has someone figured this out yet? Please do.


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