Day 310: Pool

Rachel, Day by Day

Guess what? Scott and I played pool on Friday! We played four games and ended up tying (he won two and I won two). It’s better that way since we are both winners! Woo hoo! Anyway, here’s an action photo of Scott. He looks pretty darn blurry, which is a tad bit creepy, but that’s ok. The whole photo still looks cool. I like how the white ball looks in action. I must have gotten this right before it hit the other balls! Good times. It’s fun playing pool, especially since I’m a bit better than I thought I’d be! And we went to a bar that had a lot of Cubs and Illini signs everywhere. More bars should be like that.

I had my guitar lesson on Friday and I’m learning a new song for the next couple of weeks that I actually picked out. It’s called Yellow by Coldplay. I really like that song, but wasn’t sure how difficult it would be on guitar. I think I’ll be able to do it though, and possibly sing along! It’s fun when I’m actually able to do that. I’m excited to practice this.

I love weekends. 🙂


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