Day 314: Little Snowman

Rachel, Day by Day

Sorry, but here’s another snow picture for you! It’s hard to tell, but this is a huge pile of snow with a tiny snowman at the top. It’s actually hard to tell there’s a snowman there when you drive by. I’m guessing the people who live her wanted to build a snowman, but they didn’t want to be outside for very long or deal with all of this snow. It’s a cute little snowman, though! It does need better eyes, a nose, and a mouth, though. But, it’s way too cold to worry about that now. Who’s ready for spring? I am!

I am all caught up with Glee now! If you aren’t and don’t want to know what’s happening, I suggest you stop reading here. I can’t believe there’s a possibility of Quinn and Finn getting back together! Well, I guess I knew they’d go back to that story eventually, but not this soon. Finn should still be very angry with her. I don’t even know why he’s thinking of being with her! I liked The Thriller song and dance from the Superbowl episode, but I liked the song choices from Tuesday. I’m a Katy Perry fan, though. It was a good episode!

I’ve been addicted to the show House Hunters lately. I love looking inside houses, so this show is perfect for me. It makes me want to move, though. They are so many nice houses in nice areas! Their budgets are higher than mine would be, though. Oh well. It’s a great show.


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