Day 325: Celery and Lights

Rachel, Day by Day

Hello! I had an awesome Saturday!! Christina (see first photo above) had her birthday party! We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and then a karaoke bar. Mmmm, Buffalo Wild Wings was good. As you can see in the first photo, for some reason they gave us a bowl of free celery. I had no idea you could even get celery, so this was really random! I did end up eating some since I like celery, but it was still a little weird. Oh, wait, I’m supposed to call them water sticks. Because they just taste like water and are sticks. This second photo was taken at the karaoke bar. They have these lights shining around the bar, and I took a picture of the ceiling. I thought they looked pretty cool. Sometimes the lights would shine on people and at first, I’d want to say, “You have something on your face.”  I’m glad I didn’t try rubbing it off someone. That would have been awkward.

So, as you can see, I had a fun night! I spent most of the day with my brother and Scott, and we ended up playing three games of Monopoly. It was pretty awesome. I haven’t played that game in a while. Even though I lost all three games, it was still fun. The karaoke bar was great! I didn’t sing because my throat started to feel funny, but my friends sang well! It was awesome seeing all of my college friends again. I miss them all a lot. It’s always great catching up, though!


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