Day 332: Old Cash Register

Rachel, Day by Day

I think this cash register is AWESOME. And what’s even better is that this restaurant still uses it. Yes, it’s out-of-date compared to what we use today, but it’s still nice to use old, traditional things like this. It probably has a neat and historical story behind it! I love the detailed decorations on the front, too. This definitely took some time to make. It’s probably really heavy, too. I would definitely never get rid of this if I owned it. This is at the Courier Cafe. I do like this restaurant; it has a nice diner feel. You should go there if you want some good food!

Scott and I were going to go for a nice walk on Saturday, but it was still too cold. I’m looking forward to warmer weather so I can go on nice walks again!

Do you believe in fate? I think I do. I think there’s a reason why we’ve met every single person that we’ve actually met in our lives. I think everyone has some sort of impact on our lives; it could be a very tiny impact to a huge one. But, yes, I believe in it. How about you?


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