Day 340: Airplane Mailbox

Rachel, Day by Day

This is a cool mailbox! I keep thinking it really is going to fly away. That would be a funny prank for the person trying to get their mail. It’s pretty detailed, too, with the stars and the red and blue colors. It’s very patriotic and very appropriate for July 4th. This must be there all year long, though. Although I think this is a pretty cool airplane, I don’t think I’d spend my money on this. I’d be perfectly fine with a normal mailbox. Plus, I’m not really that into airplanes. Would it be weird to have a bunny mailbox? I’m sure they are out there somewhere.

I must say I don’t like reality TV very much, but I do love The Amazing Race. Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m breathing the entire hour, though. I get so nervous for the teams! The cowboys are definitely my favorite; they can make stupid mistakes, but I like how laid back they are. I can’t stand the cheerleaders because they are always mean to cab drivers and just mean in general to everyone around them. They think the world revolves around them, and that’s not cool! The challenge where they had to find frogs in the mud was pretty hilarious. They were all covered in mud; some seemed to hate it more than others. The Globetrotters made me laugh, too. At one point, one of them whined, “I want my mama.” Hilarious! You have to watch it to understand. It’s awesome!


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