Day 345: Useless Sign

Rachel, Day by Day

Sorry for yet another blurry photo. It’s difficult taking a photo of something when you are moving 70 mph! Anyway, does anyone else agree with me when I say the blue sign at the top is useless? I think it’s weird when there are blue exit signs that say Food or Gas, but it’s an empty sign with nothing on it. Like this top one. It’s a waste of time to put one there and a waste of money to create one! Especially this sign… it’s above another sign for what reason? There’s only one reason why I think they are there. If there’s a Food sign with no business logo on it, it’s supposed to tell you that there will be no food for you at this exit. But, why not just not have a sign at all? We’ll still know there’s no food at that exit. Yep, this is a random rant. Hope you enjoyed it.

Wow, I can’t believe it’s Day 345! Only 20 more to go and I’ve done this for a whole year! Ok, I need opinions people. Should I keep going with this after Day 365 and see how long I can go? Or should I keep doing this, but not every day? Or do something else completely? Please help!!


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