Day 349: Fishie

Rachel, Day by Day

Hello! Here’s a beautiful fish tank for you. I went to Ozark House Restaurant with Scott and his family; it was his grandma’s birthday dinner. It was a nice restaurant! I tried chicken cordon bleu for the first time ever, and it was delicious. For some reason, I always thought there would be bleu cheese on it since the word bleu is in the name. Oh well, I was wrong. Instead of bleu cheese, there’s ham, broccoli, and mozzarella on top of the chicken breast. Yum! It was fun hanging out with them. I should talk about the photo since this is my photo blog! This fish tank was in the restaurant; I thought this purple and yellow fish was very pretty. I hope they don’t take the fish out of the tank for us to eat there. I hope this fish lives a long and happy life. I don’t think I could ever have a pet fish, though. I’d get bored with it after a while since he or she wouldn’t play with me.

I tried some of Scott’s catfish last night, and I thought it was good. I think it freaks me out that it still looks like a fish when served to you, though. I wouldn’t be able to handle chicken if it still looked like the chicken. It would make me feel guilty for eating it or something. I like to think the chicken, catfish, and all other animals and fish lived wonderful and long lives before I ate them. I’ll keep telling myself that.

I have another story for you. I went to the doctor today (Tuesday) and an old woman was staring at me by the elevator. She finally asked how I make my hair so wavy, and she asked if I use rollers in my hair. I told her it’s naturally this way, and she told me my hair is very beautiful. That old lady made me very happy for a little while. She had good timing since I don’t like going to the doctor anyway. Yay for random compliments from strangers! Here’s an assignment for you: Do something nice or say something nice to a stranger today.


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