Day 350: Sad Tree

Rachel, Day by Day

Doesn’t this tree look so sad?? The top is missing and the rest of the branches are so droopy. I felt really bad for it when I first saw it. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed a tree like this where all of the branches are drooping. Poor, tree. I hope it’s not really sad, just tired. Yes, I’m being silly right now. On the positive side, the green branches are pretty. It’ll be nice when the grass is green and the trees have leaves again. I can’t wait!

I know it’s the day before St. Patrick’s Day, but I celebrated a bit early! Scott and I went to an Irish bar; I ate a reuben sandwich. It was really really good! We also tried St. Patrick’s Ale, which I really liked. It was a yummy Irish meal! We went for a really long walk, too, and it was nice to get outside. Yay for warmer weather!!


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