Day 352: Karaoke

Rachel, Day by Day

Hello! So, I realized this was the only picture I took on Friday night, so I had to use this one. I usually like to take multiple photos so I have choices, but that didn’t work out this time. As you can see, I went to karaoke with work friends! We went to Guido’s beforehand for dinner and then headed over to Pia’s for some singing. I sang three songs: Firework by Katy Perry, Footloose by Kenny Loggins, and Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. I never sang by myself; I wasn’t in the mood. Anne and I sang Firework as you can see from my photo. We had to turn in that little piece of paper to the DJ. I couldn’t believe it, but Jerry the Outlaw remembered me! I used to go to White Horse karaoke every Wednesday during college with my friends. We talked for a while and it was great! It made me miss my college karaoke days a bit. I had a really great time with everyone tonight (Friday)! Everyone said Anne and I did really well at Firework, and even the girls at the next table liked it. Let me tell you, that’s a difficult song. I have more respect for Katy Perry now. She has a really wide range and this song has a lot of high notes. That was a fun song, though! I’d definitely sing it again.

Anne, Kate, Liz, and I sang Footloose. That was fun, but I did realize I don’t really know that song besides the chorus. I just made sure the microphone wasn’t close to me. Scott and I sang Don’t Stop Believin’, which was definitely a crowd pleaser. We got many high fives. It was a lot of fun and a great, relaxed atmosphere. I hope we all go again soon! I think everyone else had a good time, too.

Well, I’m not doing so great in my March Madness bracket. I made some gutsy picks, so I figured I wouldn’t do too well. It’s still fun to keep track of my bracket, though. I really can’t believe Illinois won! I thought they would lose by a lot. I picked them to lose, so that didn’t work well for me. Oh well. Yay for awesome karaoke Fridays!


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