Day 362: Scenic Photos

Rachel, Day by Day

Ahhh, three more days after today!! It’s a weird feeling. Here are some pretty, scenic photos for you. I love the sky in the morning as I’m driving to work. I go to work at the perfect time for a sunrise photo. Isn’t the sky in the first photo gorgeous? I love how the orange, blue, and slight pink blend together like that. And this second photo is a sign of spring! I don’t know what these tiny red flowers are, but they are the first things to bloom on the trees. It’s exciting to see some color again after winter. I love this red/maroon color, too. It’s beautiful! I hope these red flowers get bigger, too. Yay spring!

I had a dream a few nights ago that I’m still thinking about today. My dad and his mom came back to life, but my family and I knew beforehand that they were coming back. I was 2 or 3 when my grandma died, so I don’t remember her. I remember being nervous and wondering if she’d like me. We had everyone in my family gathered in a hall, and my dad and grandma walked in after a while. We all applauded for them. My grandma came up to me and gave me a really big hug. I remember talking to her about something, but I don’t remember the exact conversation. I was just happy that she liked me. I wonder if this dream means anything.

On that note, have a nice Monday night. I plan to relax.


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