Day 371: Flowers

Rachel, Day by Day

Yay for spring flowers! And these are pink flowers, which make them even better! Yep, I can be girlie sometimes. I really like taking close up photos of flowers, and this is great because the sun is shining in certain spots, too. It’s nice to see the green leaves coming back on the trees, too. Some trees are blooming slower than others, but they’ll catch up. I’m staring out my window right now and I see three trees with many little leaves on them. This is one of the greatest parts of spring: when it first arrives.

I have a feeling these next few weeks (or possibly months) are going to be very busy, so I think I’ll have a lazy night tonight. I love being busy with fun things, but it’s nice to relax once in a while. I’ll take advantage of it tonight.

What’s your idea of the perfect Friday night? Well, if I’m exhausted, staying in and having a movie night sounds good. But, if I’m lively and awake, going out to a restaurant and/or bar sounds great to me. Friday nights are great; you don’t have to go to bed early and go to work in the morning!

Thing that made me happy today: Walking around the courtyard at work on my break this afternoon. It was sunny and in the 60’s. Perfect weather. I smiled a lot.


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